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You may have memories of getting out of the pool on a hot summer day as a child and looking forward to indulging in an ice cream float. This treat has captivated taste buds for generations and people of all ages. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the origins of one of your favorite beverages? In honor of National Ice Cream Soda Day on June 20th, one of your favorite Amherst, NH restaurants, Bentley’s Roast Beef, is giving you a bit of history on this beloved treat, along with everything that makes them so great!


The Birth of the Float (Root Beer Edition)

The story of ice cream floats dates back to the late 19th century when soda fountains began to gain popularity. There are a few theories about how the ice cream float came to be. But one popular theory starts with Robert McCay Green and the root beer float, one of the most popular floats today!

According to popular accounts, in 1874, during the celebration of the Franklin Institute’s semicentennial, Green was operating a soda fountain booth at the event. As a tribute to the institute’s main exhibit, a steam engine, he decided to combine vanilla ice cream and carbonated root beer. The result was an instant hit among many, and the root beer float was born!


Other Variations of Ice Cream Floats

It’s worth noting that while we often associate Green with the root beer float, the exact origins and variations of the ice cream float likely developed independently at different soda fountains during the same timeframe! 

During this time, soda jerks (people who would serve soda and ice cream at soda fountains) got creative and started experimenting with various combinations to entice customers. Different variations can range from grape soda, ginger ale, Coke, and even seltzer water! The possibilities of combinations are endless when it comes to ice cream floats.


They’re Also Enjoyed Worldwide

Ice cream floats gained popularity across different regions, each leaving its unique mark on the beverage. In the United States, the root beer float remained a staple, while the “spider” emerged in the United Kingdom. This float consisted of fizzy lemonade with a scoop of ice cream. Similarly, other countries have also put their own twist on the float, incorporating local flavors and traditions!


Visit One of Your Favorite Amherst Restaurants for an Ice Cream Float!

Ice cream floats are the perfect sweet treat to cool off this summer, so we invite you to stop in and enjoy one with us! Its versatility is one of the things that make this beverage so special. There are variations across the board that will please anyone’s taste buds. If you’re curious about the other delicious options at Bentley’s Roast Beef, we encourage you to check out our online menu for more information. We look forward to seeing you!


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