Bentley’s Roast Beef: Behind the Beef

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Take a drive through the New England coastline, and you’ll soon discover that roast beef is more than just a sandwich to us and Bentley’s Roast Beef. But why the love for this quick lunch? We did some digging to find out why so you don’t have to. 

Where’s the beef?

Or should we say where’s the wedding couple? Back in 1951, a couple planned to get married at a function hall in Revere, MA. For reasons unknown, they cancelled the wedding, leaving a very large roast beef behind for the reception. 

The function eventually gave the roast to a local hot dog stand. They  carved the roast beef into thin slices and served up what would become the roast beef craze of New England. Many restaurants have taken on this New England staple, but no one does it quite like us!

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Style & Fixings

Today, a classic roast beef sandwich is served on an onion roll with cheese and mayo. However, there are many ways to enjoy it. Most importantly, the roast beef has to be good! 

Our roast beef sandwich has been voted “Best Sandwich in NH” at Bentley’s! We serve ours in three styles:

  • “Giant”, as in 6 oz of thinly-sliced meat served on a toasted onion roll:
  • “Junior”, 2.5oz of meat served on a toasted hamburger roll
  • “Regular”, 4oz of thinly sliced roast beef on a toasted sesame roll.

Of course, we suggest the “Giant” style. And as for fixings, there’s no shortage of toppings!

Bentley’s Roast Beef

Are you craving a roast beef sandwich? Stop by Bentley’s in Amherst, NH to sink your teeth into a New England staple. Our beef is sourced from grain-fed Midwestern cattle and is freshly roasted throughout the day for a taste unlike any other. Stop by today for a selection of local seafood, subs, sandwiches, and more!

Ready to order? Visit us today at 134 NH-101A in Amherst, NH!

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