Restaurants in Amherst NH Versus Thanksgiving Stress

restaurants in amherst NH

Each year Thanksgiving traditions bring family and friends together. Between the preparations, the feast, and the cleanup, this can be a stressful time of year. However, Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of gathering and relaxation. If the stress of the season has pushed you to your limit, it may be time to consider checking out restaurants in Amherst, NH, such as Bentley’s Roast Beef.

Our customers are our family here at Bentley’s. So, take a load off this week and visit us! Here is a quick look at a few of our most popular menu items:


Roast Beef

Of course, the beef takes the number one spot here at Bentley’s. Our beef is roasted throughout the day, which means you’re always guaranteed a melt in your mouth experience that’s fresh. Besides the freshness, you’ll get quality. Here at Bentley’s, we only use grain-fed Midwestern beef. Visit us today and see why we’ve been voted number one in New Hampshire for the best roast beef sandwich



With turkey day around the corner, perhaps you’re looking for a lighter meal. How does freshly sourced fish from Cape Ann sound? If it’s what you need, you found the place to get it! From fresh haddock to lobster, clam rolls to clam chowder, our chefs will guarantee you a mouth-watering experience. Trimmed and cooked to order, you can be confident that your seafood will be as fresh as the moment it came out of the ocean.


A little something for the kids too

As we said, everyone is family here at Bentley’s Roast Beef. We love seeing families walk through our door for lunch or for dinner. That is why we encourage you to bring the little ones and have them try out our kid’s menu.


A few more ways to alleviate the stress

On Thanksgiving day, remember to take it easy! If the potatoes are late, oh well! If the buns are cold, they’ll still be good! Here is a few other ways to keep the stress levels at a minimum:

  • Remove yourself from tense situations, take a deep breath and count to ten.
  • Remember your family will love you even if you burn the turkey (there’s always pizza).
  • Ask for help. You have a crowd, put them to work! We promise they’ll more than happy – if not, they get cleanup duties!
  • Remember why your grateful. Gratitude first and foremost will help keep all the little irritants at bay.


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From our family to yours, we wish you all a happy, relaxing, and safe Thanksgiving!

Remember next time that you’re in the area looking at restaurants in Amherst, NH, Bentley’s Roast Beef has the meals you’re craving. Visit us online to check out our full menu or stop by today.

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