How We Make the Best Roast Beef in New Hampshire

best roast beef in new hampshire

At Bentley’s, we pride ourselves on making and serving the best roast beef to New Hampshire diners. But what sets great roast beef apart from the ordinary? There are many factors that go into making excellent roast beef. We start with the cut, but that’s not all. It’s also about meticulous preparation, the perfect seasoning, and cooking it just right.


Have you ever wanted to know how we make the best roast beef in New Hampshire? Here’s a look at the process.


Start with the Cut

The only way to make exceptional roast beef is to start with the right cut. When choosing a cut, two criteria are at the top of the list: marbling and aging. Marbling fat within the meat is key to tenderness and flavor. Aging the meat is also important to achieve the right texture and flavor for roast beef.


It’s All About the Prep

Preparation is where we really shine. We start with a dry brine, a simple yet effective combination of salt, pepper, and perhaps a hint of garlic, rubbed generously over the meat. It not only seasons but also draws out moisture, intensifying flavors and creating the signature crust during cooking. To allow the beef to absorb these flavors, we allow it to rest in the brine for several hours.


Sear It Just Right

To lock in the flavor, we have to sear the beef perfectly. By searing the meat on all sides, we caramelize the outside and keep the juices inside. This process is what gives roast beef its recognizable texture and taste.


Timing Is Everything

Timing is of the essence when cooking roast beef. Taking it out of the oven too soon or too early will affect the texture. We aim for an internal temperature of 135°F for that ideal medium-rare doneness. Hitting this temperature ensures the rosy-pink center of perfectly cooked roast beef.

Finally, we have the resting phase. Before we can slice the roast beef, we let it rest for at least 15 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute, giving it a perfect tender texture throughout.


We’ve Got the Best Roast Beef in New Hampshire at Bentley’s!

There are plenty of places that serve roast beef in New Hampshire, but there’s only one place where you’ll get the best! To taste the results of our meticulous preparation and cooking process, come to Bentley’s Roast Beef to taste the best in New Hampshire! We’re conveniently located on 101-A in Amherst, open 11-8, Wednesday through Monday, so you can grab lunch or dinner with us.

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