Looking For The Best Restaurant in Nashua, NH? Look No Further.

best restaurant Nashua NH

Often we find ourselves visiting the same restaurants time and again.  Although there is something to be said of the expected, it can also nice to adventure outside the comfort zone every once in a while.  However, it can be challenging to choose the place when you’re not sure of your options.  After time spent on Google searches, and asking friends opinions,  looking for the best restaurant Nashua, NH; you’ll realize you should have just come into Bentley’s Roast Beef.  Here’s why:


Best Roast Beef in New Hampshire

Famous for our roast beef, here at Bentley’s we promise your mouth will be thanking you at each and every bite.  Our beef is fresh from the mid-west, and only grain fed.  Freshly roasted throughout the day, this melt in your mouth sandwich is nothing like you’ve had before.  Whether it’s a meal for the little ones or a giant-sized sub for the hungry appetite, the flavor of our roast beef will have you wishing you ordered more. 


Local Seafood

Not only do we purchase our beef from U.S. sources, but also our seafood.  Local from Cape Ann, our seafood is delivered straight from the docks.  Thus, you’re ensured not only the finest but freshest, seafood dinner around the area.  Further, all of our seafood meals are cooked to order.  So, as this may take a bit longer to deliver your meal, know that it’s worth the wait!  Our chefs work diligently on creating unique meals with an authentic flair.


Your Home Away from Home

One of our favorite features about ourselves is the pride we take in our customer service.  At Bentley’s Roast Beef everyone is family.  So, whether you are a regular or it’s the first time stopping by, you’ll always feel at home.  Your home away from home, we love when families make memories at our establishment.


So, next time your searching for the best restaurant Nashua NH check us out at Bentley’s Roast Beef.  Still not convinced? Check out our online menu to view the wide variety of options we offer.  Open seven days a week, serving lunch and dinner; we look forward to becoming your new favorite!


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