So, What’s The Big Deal About Angus Beef Anyway?

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If you love a freshly made juicy cheeseburger, chances are, you’ve heard of Angus beef. Widely available in food stores, consumers face the choice of regular or Angus when making the purchase. So, which one is the better choice? Is Angus really worth the extra money? As the best restaurant in Nashua, NH, Bentley’s Roast Beef has your answer.


What is Angus beef?

One of the biggest unknown facts in understanding Angus versus regular beef is that Angus is merely a breed, not a brand. Originally bred in Scotland, there are two species of Angus – red and black, Black Angus being the more popular breed.

With strict standards in place, Certified Angus Beef is sourced from cattle with at least 51% Black Angus in their genetic makeup. In total, there are ten standards to ensure the best marbling, flavor, tenderness, appearance, and more.


Is Black Angus any different?

As mentioned, Black Angus is merely a different breed in the cattle world. However, there are several claims that this selection is more sustainable to cold weather than other breeds. This fact in mind (although unproven) could lead to why Black Angus provides the highly desired marbling that consumers prefer.


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It’s all about the marbling.

Angus cattle differ from other breeds in their outstanding amount of intramuscular fat. While many people feel the leaner, the better with beef, the excess fat marbled throughout the meat provides the flavor that regular beef fails to deliver. In many ways, a premium cut of Angus beef is comparable to Japanese Wagyu beef.

Beyond the incomparable flavoring, Angus beef also provides the consumer with some of the most tender options for a truly unrivaled experience.


At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we use only the freshest, highest quality, grass-fed beef available. Brought in from the Mid-West, you can be confident that your dining experience will be nothing less than mouth-watering. On September 18th, be sure to head over to Bentley’s Roast Beef to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day with us.

Whether sandwich or sub, Bentley’s is the best restaurant in Nashua, NH, for the freshest, char-grilled Black Angus burger around! Located at 134 NH-101A, our family at Bentley’s looks forward to serving you!


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