Celebrating National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day! 

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Did you know that National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day is a real thing? While we are fashionably late to the celebration (it was January 14th), it is never too late to order a pastrami sandwich or sub from Bentley’s Roast Beef! Beyond our famous, grass-fed, mouth-watering roast beef sandwiches, we’re also the best restaurant in Nashua, NH for the ultimate pastrami sandwich!


Now let’s get back to the celebration with a brief history of how the pastrami sandwich came to be. 


What is pastrami? 

Usually, pastrami is made out of beef. However, depending on the region you visit, pastrami may also be created from pork, mutton, or turkey. Here at Bentleys, our customers know they are only served the finest selection of beef! 

But, what, exactly is pastrami? Before refrigeration was made, butchers would make pastrami to preserve other meats in their shop. To make the pastrami, butchers would typically put a raw meat of choice in brine. When partially dried, the meat would then be seasoned with various spices and herbs, smoked, and steamed. 


The Origins

Pastrami was introduced around the late 19th century by a wave of Romanian Jewish immigrants. During the time, the meat was pronounced “pastróme,” but was referenced as “pastrama” in early English references. The word was further tweaked to how pastrami is spelled today.


The creation of the pastrami sandwich.

Dating back to 1887, a New York kosher butcher known as Sussman Volk holds credit for the creation of the very first pastrami sandwich. Of course, as with most meals, the history always goes a bit deeper. Volk accredits his idea of the sandwich from a Romanian friend in exchange for a favor. Due to the sandwiches popularity, Volk turned his butcher shop into a restaurant that exclusively sold the pastrami sandwich.


The best restaurant in Nashua, NH, for the ultimate pastrami sandwich.

At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we take pride in offering the finest selection of Midwestern grass-fed beef. From our famous, melt in your mouth roast beef sandwich, to our grilled pastrami, when you visit Bentley’s Roast Beef, you can be confident that your cravings will be satisfied!


What are you waiting for? Visit Bentley’s Roast Beef today at 134 NH-101A and experience the best pastrami sandwich in the area for yourself!

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