Nitrates vs. Nitrites – What’s In Your Meat?

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When it comes to processed meats, many food manufactures often add nitrates to their product. Although there is reasoning behind the addition, there are also several more reasons to avoid them. When it comes to roast beef in NH, Bentley’s is proud to offer our customers a nitrate-free meal that they can trust.

In this article, we’re looking more in-depth at nitrates – what they are, why they’re used, and how to avoid them.


What are nitrates?

Nitrates are compounds that consist of nitrogen and oxygen atoms. Nitrates can form into nitrites, which create both good and bad situations within the body. Because items, such as vegetables, naturally produce beneficial nitrates, it’s imperative to realize the difference. For the sake of this article, we’re focusing on nitrates found in several types of processed meats.

The majority of consumed nitrites are converted by the bacteria in our mouth. Once swallowed, the nitrites often react with the stomach’s acidity and transform to nitrosamines.



Why they are used

Now that you understand just what a nitrate is, it’s time to look at why they may be used in food.

Manufacturers add nitrites to meat as a preservation method. For instance, consider the last time you shopped in the meat section of your local food market. Chances are, there was a selection of cured meat, pink or red in color. When manufacturers inject nitrates into a meat, the compound reacts with the natural proteins. This reaction not only changes the color of the meat, but it also helps to preserve it. Without the additive, markets would have a higher rate of turnover as meats would quickly brown and become unusable.



Should you avoid nitrites?

So, should we be avoiding nitrates altogether? The answer is no if you’re consuming fresh, organic vegetables. However, when it comes to meat consumption, the answer is absolutely. Consuming a high intake of nitrates from processed meats has shown to increase the risk of cancer in the digestive tract. Below are a few habits to help avoid the unwanted nitrites from entering your body:


  • Eliminate the consumption of processed or cured meats
  • Read you labels! Potassium nitrates and nitrites are red flags.
  • Opt for locally grown, fresh, organic vegetables
  • Check your local water source for additives.



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