Restaurants in Amherst NH: The Mystery of the Curly Fry

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We all know and love the classic version of fries. But we’d like to say that the curly fry has been underappreciated long enough, and we’re here to bring it some well-deserved recognition. This month, we’re discussing all things curly fries- from the origins to why it’s so unique! And when you’re cravings have settled in after this blog post, visit one of your favorite restaurants in Amherst, NH, Bentley’s Roast Beef!

Origins of the Curly Fry

Arby’s claims that the curly fry was invented by their franchisee, Robert Cobb, who created a machine that could cut potatoes into thin, curly strips. The curly fry was first introduced at an Arby’s location in Boardman, Ohio, in the mid-1980s. It then quickly became a popular menu item.

It’s worth noting that while Arby’s is often credited with popularizing the curly fry, there are other claims to their invention. Some believe the curly fry may have originated in Europe or the Middle East, where spiral-shaped fried potatoes have been eaten for centuries. Regardless of its true origins, the curly fry has become a beloved snack and side dish around the world!

What Makes it So Special?

So what makes the curly fry so special? For starters, its unique shape allows for more surface area to be exposed to hot oil. This results in a crispy exterior and a tender, fluffy interior. Plus, the twists and turns of the fry make it the perfect vehicle for all kinds of delicious dipping sauces.

A Food that Lifts Your Mood

The real secret to the curly fry’s success is its ability to bring joy to people’s lives. Yes- that’s right! There’s something undeniably fun and whimsical about the twisted, spiraled shape of the curly fry that just makes people happy. Whether you’re enjoying a basket of curly fries with friends or indulging in a guilty pleasure on your own, there’s no denying the sheer delight that comes with each and every bite.


Visit One of Your Favorite Restaurants in Amherst, NH, Bentley’s Roast Beef!

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newbie, one thing’s for sure: the curly fry is here to stay! So in the meantime, when you’re craving some curly fries or a delicious steak sub, you’re always welcome at Bentley’s! If you’re curious about our other delicious offerings, we encourage you to check out our online menu! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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