Setting It Straight. Milkshakes vs Frappes

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If you’ve spent time looking at Bentleys restaurant menu, then you know we have more than the best roast beef in New Hampshire. Beyond the mouth-watering, freshest sandwich around, you’ll also find the most satisfying authentic drinks in the Nashua area.

Yes, we’re talking about frappes.

Not the McDonalds fancy frap-pe but good old, frappe (pronounced frap).


Now, if you’re from New England, you know all about this blended frozen piece of heaven that’s perfect on the hottest of summer days as well as the coldest of winter days. However, if you’re visiting from outside the area, you’re probably sitting there scratching your head wondering, what exactly is a frappe anyway?

In this article, we’re setting the record straight on the difference between a milkshake and a frappe.




In New England we do things our own way. Shocked, yes, we know you are. Because of that, a milk “shake” naturally should be shaken (not stirred), right?

A milkshake is simply a combination of milk and flavored syrup – chocolate, vanilla, caramel, etc. It seems to make sense.


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Now that you have a clear understanding of what it takes to create the perfect milkshake in New England, add ice cream. And, yes, viola, you have a frappe. It’s truly that simple. However, once you turn the milkshake into a frappe, you open an entirely new door to endless flavor combinations.

This is where your imagination can run wild.

Choose your flavor of ice cream, add a splash of milk, then lay on a thick drizzle of syrup and blend to perfection. From chocolate to chocolate banana, strawberry to black cherry, and even salted caramel vanilla – the possibilities are truly endless and pretty much always delicious.


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If that wasn’t fun enough, the story gets better.

To those living outside of New England, a milkshake is a frappe, and frappes don’t exist. If you’ve ever ordered a milkshake and been questioned if you meant frappe – now you know why. Leave it to us New Englanders to make an enjoyable treat confusing! That being said, when you’re checking out the Bentleys restaurant menu, you can be sure you’ll find frappes (the ones with the ice cream)!


Stop by today to experience the best roast beef in New Hampshire followed by our homemade frappes. Here at Bentleys, everyone is family. 


Bentleys restaurant menu

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