Tips on How to Tenderize Meat

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When it comes to the best restaurant in Nashua, NH, Bentley’s Roast Beef tops the charts.  Known for their fresh seafood dinners, friendly service, and, of course, their roast beef, Bentley’s is quickly becoming the go-to spot for many.  Freshly roasted throughout the day, you can count on a mouth-watering roast beef sandwich sure to satisfy your cravings.  So how does Bentley’s do it? Well, they start with grain-fed Midwestern beef ensuring a high-quality product for their customers.  Beyond that, the secret it is theirs.  However, they did share with us a few helpful tips on the best practices for tenderizing your meat at home.


Understanding the Basics

Any cut of meat can be made tender with the right techniques.  Tenderizing involves breaking down the fibers within the meat to soften its texture.  Not only will tenderizing make the meat easier to chew, but the process will also help to enhance the flavor as well.  What better satisfaction as a chef then to turn a tough, chewy piece of meat into a juicy, melt in your mouth meal. 


Grab the Mallet

One of several methods of tenderizing involves the use of a tenderizing tool.  There are several variates of meat tenderizers, which look like something out of horror movie, or you can use a knife.  The choice is yours.  Either way, you’ll want to secure the meat on a sterile, non-slip surface.  If you opt for the tenderizer, this is a fantastic choice for releasing the day’s frustrations, as you hammer down on the meat.  However, if you choose to tenderize with a knife, you want to make long, thin cuts along the muscle fiber. 


Heat Processing

Best used on brisket and ribs, heat tenderizing takes a bit more patience.  The goal is to heat your meat to a temperature which allows the collagen to become gelatinous, but not cooked.  Once the ideal temperature, typically 160°, your meat is “fork tender” creating that melt in your mouth result.  Whether you grill for dry heat or braise of wet heat, you’re sure to have an awesome result so long as you watch your temperature and take it slow.


Enzymatic Tenderizing

Finally, and one of our favorite ways to tenderize is to use fruit!  Many fruits such as kiwi and papaya contain enzymes that will help speed up the process of tenderizing while adding a unique flavor. Although this method requires time and patience, your creative flair has plenty of opportunity to shine here.  Puree your fruit of choice with a bit of olive oil and lemon, and you’ve got yourself the ideal marinade.  Just keep in mind, you want to marinate your meat for at least a day if not longer.


We hope you found this article helpful! The team at Bentley’s didn’t become one of the best restaurants in Nashua, NH solely for their food, but for their love of customers as well! Everyone is family, and we look forward to sharing more helpful tips with you!

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