Top Sirloin Versus the Sirloin Tip Sub

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As one of the most tender and lean slices of beef, sirloin tends to be a customer favorite – especially when it comes to the best steak subs in Nashua, NH. However, some hear the word sirloin and envision a specific cut of steak. This vision often leads one to a tough and chewy cut. At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we’re here to let you know the possibilities are endless.

Unbeknownst to many, sirloin is divided into several types of steak. From an oven baked sirloin roast to steak tip subs, this cut is also one of the most diverse.


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Top Sirloin

Top sirloin is a favorite. As a naturally thick cut, this boldly flavored steak is an excellent addition to nearly any recipe. Marinaded or grilled with your favorite dry rub, cubed and added into a stew, top sirloin tends to be easy to prepare no matter where the meal takes you. Beyond the extreme versatility of the cut, top sirloin also offers some of the most tender cuts of beef.



Sirloin Tip

Adjacent to the top sirloin cut, you’ll find the sirloin tip. Leaner and less tender than top sirloin, sirloin tips are the most tender of all round cuts. Perfect on its own, this cut is also excellent for marinading. Thus, the ideal cut when you’re looking to make (or enjoy) the most tender steak sub.


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While both cuts provide an excellent option for a variety of meals, the choice should come down to the end result you seek. At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we’re proud to offer the best steak subs in Nashua, NH. Using the finest cuts of grain-fed Midwestern beef, our thinly sliced roast beef or marinated steak tip sub will leave you wanting more!


For the best subs in New Hampshire, be sure to stop by and visit us at Bentley’s! Voted New Hampshire’s top location for the Best Roast Beef Sandwich, you’ll be wishing you stopped in sooner!

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