Baklava: An Inside Look at a Classic Tradition

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As the best restaurant in Nashua, NH, we’re not only serving up mouth-watering meals but desserts as well. And when it comes to desserts, our team at Bentley’s Roast Beef has your craving covered. However, we don’t just offer the run of the mill desserts that you can find on every corner. No, that’s definitely not us. At Bentley’s, we offer the best, homemade baklava around.

Crafted to perfection, our baklava uses only the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure the most authentic experience at an affordable price. If you’re not familiar with baklava, we’re providing you a look inside this timeless delicacy.



You’ve heard of it, but what is baklava?

While every heritage has a unique dish they’re known for, baklava is a traditional Mediterranean dessert. Generally made from phyllo dough, butter, nuts, sugar, and honey, baklava is sweet and gooey, yet surprisingly light. However, every chef creates their version with a personal touch that, of course, is never revealed. Layered with the utmost care, the combination of ingredients is delicately crafted and then baked to perfection.  A true treat for the soul.


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Baklava has been enjoyed for centuries

Although the history of this dessert is not overly documented, several written stories prove its century-old existence. The oldest of these stories date back to the 15th and 16th century Topkapi Palace in Turkey where plates of baklava were presented during religious ceremonies.

However, stories run deep and resemblances wide across several cultures.   For example, the second oldest tale brings us to the ancient Greek and Roman placenta cake. This dessert of layered dough was covered in a mixture of cheese and honey. Although it’s not the same as the baklava we know today, it sure is close.

Another popular recipe in the Mediterranean cultures involved warming milk with sugar. This combination was then poured over the dough and served with fresh pomegranate and walnuts.

Regardless of the time and recipe variation, one element remained consistent; baklava was only served on special occasions to those of wealth and status.



Traditional preparation

As we mentioned, a true authentic chef will never reveal their family secrets. However, when it concerns baklava, there are several common recipes that many follow. Created in large sheet pans, several layers of phyllo dough are separated and coated with melted butter, layered with chopped nuts, and repeated.  Using high-quality butter is essential in obtaining the best flavor.  Furthermore, a customized blend of nuts can be used for preference, but traditionally baklava contains walnuts, pistachios, and sometimes hazelnuts.

After baking for 30-40 minutes, homemade syrup or honey is poured atop the layers. Syrups are unique and may contain a range of ingredients from honey to orange flower water, further individualizing the overall flavor. Baklava is served at room temperature and often garnished with more chopped nuts.


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