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Shrimp: New Hampshire’s Favorite Seafood

Did you know that shrimp is America’s favorite seafood? It’s true! Here are a few more facts you may (or may not) have known.

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Cape Ann Seafood in Nashua, NH – What’s Better Than That?

Because our team understands the importance of providing the highest-quality seafood to our consumers, we’re proud to offer seafood straight from the shores of Cape Ann.

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Nitrates vs. Nitrites – What’s In Your Meat?

Nitrates and nitrites – what’s the difference, where are they hiding, and should you be avoiding them? We have the answers you’re looking for.

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Only the Best Restaurants Choose Berkel

Ever wonder what the secret is to a perfectly sliced and consistent roast beef sandwich? Well, here’s your answer.

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Baklava: An Inside Look at a Classic Tradition

You’ve had baklava, but have you had Bentley’s authentic homemade baklava? Here’s a look at the mouth-watering, century-old dessert.

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Greek Gyro or Traditional Subs in Nashua NH? That is the Question.

Sub or gyro? Seafood or veggies? No matter what the craving may be, we got you covered with the freshest ingredients around!

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Seafood Dinners Anyone Can Make

Tired of the same old meals? Here’s a few quick ideas to impress your family at dinner tonight!

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The Best Restaurant in Amherst NH is Delivering to Your Door!

Commited to providing our customers with the exceptional service they’ve come to expect, we’re now delivering during these unpredictable times!

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COVID-19 Update

In compliance with New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu’s order, effective Tuesday, March 17th, we will be open for take-out and call ahead food orders. Customers will be able to call ahead (603-883-2020) and place their orders over the telephone. We are also planning to begin offering local delivery hopefully on Wednesday. The exact details of our new delivery service will be posted early Wednesday morning. We are working to develop a plan that will allow us to get your hot […]

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Bentleys restaurant menu

Setting It Straight. Milkshakes vs Frappes

If you’ve spent time looking at Bentleys restaurant menu, then you know we have more than the best roast beef in New Hampshire. Beyond the mouth-watering, freshest sandwich around, you’ll also find the most satisfying authentic drinks in the Nashua area. Yes, we’re talking about frappes. Not the McDonalds fancy frap-pe but good old, frappe (pronounced frap). Now, if you’re from New England, you know all about this blended frozen piece of heaven that’s perfect on the hottest of summer […]

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