Nashua Subs, Grinders, and Hoagies – Which Do You Prefer?

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There is nothing quite like a sandwich come lunchtime. Providing endless combinations, it is no wonder this is a favorite go-to from kids to adults alike. How you choose to make your sandwich is truly personal preference. However, what you choose to call it is another debate. In Nashua, NH subs is the more common term, but grinders, hoagies, and heroes are close seconds. What do you call your sandwich?


In line with the debate, our team from Bentley’s Roast Beef is delving into the topic a bit further. Here, we look at some of the most common sandwich names, where it came from, and why it is what it is.



It’s only appropriate to start with ‘sandwich’ as it is the most commonly understood and used phrase. This lunchtime staple consists of two slices of bread with meat, cheese, vegetables and condiments between them. However, if you make it a club sandwich, you will then be adding a slice or two more of bread. 


Meats range from ham, turkey, roast beef, and variations of Italian cured meats (salami, prosciutto, and so on). Typically accompanied by American, Swiss or Cheddar cheeses, a sandwich is finished with mayonnaise, mustard, and/or hots. Of course, people love adding in other favorites like lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and even olives for an added kick of flavor. 


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Subs (or Submarines)

Next up is the sub, or submarine sandwich. While the basics and inner workings of the sub are very much the same as a sandwich, there is a significant difference. The difference is in the bread. Instead of sliced bread, the submarine sandwich gets its name from the long cylindrical shaped bread used (hence the name). The bread is sliced lengthwise and ingredients are stuffed inside. 


A sub can be served hot or cold, fresh or toasted. Again, the possibilities are endless. A few more common Nashua sub sandwiches include tuna, chicken salad, and all veggies grilled to perfection with your choice of cheese.


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Hoagies and subs are quite similar, and to many, the difference is minimal. First, let’s talk about the name. The hoagie has heritage with Italian immigrants that worked in a Philadelphia naval yard on Hog Island. You can probably see where this is going! However, an interesting twist is that the name was originally called ‘hoggie.’ Because the sandwich was so large in size, you were considered a hog if you finished it all during lunch break. Over time, the name was changed to hoagie.


As with all immigrants, a part of the culture came to America with them – Italian bread for example. A hoagie, unlike a sub, is always made from fresh Italian bread. Because of this, a hoagie is typically served cold with pastrami and provolone being two of the most common ingredients. Of course, you can customize your hoagie any way you’d like it.


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Did you know that September 14th is National Eat a Hoagie Day?

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