Shake up the Holidays with Seafood in NH

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Having two major turkey dinners in two months can be a bit much for some people, especially if you do not like turkey much. How about you shake things up by serving the family a nice seafood dinner for the holidays instead? Bentley’s Roast Beef not only has our famous roast beef, but we also have a great selection of seafood dishes made with fish caught and delivered fresh from Cape Ann. Check out our seafood menu below! 


Baked Haddock

Baked haddock is a very simple and traditional dish common to New England. Typically, baked haddock is made with haddock, butter, and breadcrumbs, with many people adding salt and pepper for a bit of extra flavor. It is often served as a fish option at weddings and other gatherings such as a holiday dinner. 


Lobster Rolls

Lobster rolls are very popular as an appetizer in New England. In addition to it being very tasty, it is also traditionally easy to make. Most recipes call for a hot dog bun, center cut, that is buttered and toasted. The bun is then filled with fresh lobster meat. 

lobster nashua nh

Clam Rolls

While being a perfect appetizer for a New England holiday dinner, it may be challenging to perfect. Similar to the lobster rolls, clam rolls are commonly served in a center-cut hotdog bun. After soaking and de-shelling the clam, it is then placed into a fryer to be cooked to a nice golden brown color eventually. They usually are paired with a good amount of tartar sauce and sometimes a touch of lettuce.


Scallop Rolls

While the scallop roll was created as a west coast twist of a New England lobster roll, it can also serve as an excellent appetizer for your holiday dinner. Normally, scallop rolls are made with chopped scallops, mayo, and butter. However, many people like to add some crunch to their rolls by adding celery, lettuce, cucumber, and onion. 


Whole Belly Clams

Traditionally made New England whole belly clams are typically made with Ipswich clams (steamers or soft shell clams.) There are three main sections of a clam, the belly, neck, and the strip. The term “whole belly” refers to the entire insides of the clam. Simply soak the clams and shuck them. Then, they are ready to be fried and served with a side of tartar sauce and lemon juice. 

seafood nashua nh

Ready to Break Tradition?

While we typically like to follow tradition with our recipes, we want to change it up when it comes to our holiday dinners. Bentley’s roast beef has it all, from our classic roast beef to some of the best and freshest seafood in NH.   


To place an order, call us at (603) 883-2020 or order online to see just what the craze is about. 

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