The Best Roast Beef in New Hampshire

best roast beef in New Hampshire

A go-to meal for many Americans at lunchtime is a sandwich.  Although this may sound simple, possibly a bit boring, sandwiches have endless possibilities.  At Bentley’s Roast Beef, you will find anything but boring when it comes to their famous roast beef sandwiches.  Using only the freshest ingredients, Bentley’s provides their customers grass-fed beef from the Mid-West.  Because grass-fed beef has been proven to hold many health benefits, stopping into Bentley’s Roast Beef for your next meal is a must.  With the best roast beef in New Hampshire, Bentley’s is sure to bring an outstanding meal that will have you returning time and time again.


With the growing trend of conscious Americans, what we eat and where it comes from is a big deal.  Over the past few years, many studies have been conducted against commercially fed cows versus free-range, grass-fed cows.  One of the significant health benefits that has proven true is that grass-fed beef contains a much higher content of Omega-3s.  In one study conducted over a four-week span, people that consumed grass-fed beef had higher amounts of Omega-3 and decreased quantities of Omega-6 in their bodies.  Whereas, people who consumed commercial fed beef over the same period showed the opposite result.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

An imperative part of any diet, CLA is thought to reduce the risk of heart attacks as well as cancer.  Grass-fed beef provides up to five times the amount of CLA then commercial beef.  Studies of people with stored CLA in their tissues have a fifty percent less chance of having a heart attack than those with low levels.

Vitamin E

Similarly, grass-fed beef provides higher amounts of vitamin E.  Actually, four times the amount than commercial beef.  Vitamin E known for its antioxidants is associated with anti-aging properties.  Also a preventative for heart disease and cancer.


Although the health benefits of grass-fed beef are superior, it would be wrong not to mention it’s taste.  Tender and juicy, Bentley’s roast beef far outweighs that of their competition. The superior natural taste is no comparison to commercial beef. Even though the meat has an excellent taste of its own, homemade horseradish and barbeque sauces compliment well for those looking for a boost of flavor.  Whichever way you prefer your sandwich, Bentley’s offers the best roast beef in New Hampshire.  To view Bentley’s Restaurant menu, click here.  Located on Amherst Street in Nashua, NH, be sure to stop by Bentley’s Roast Beef and taste for yourself what all the buzz is about (603) 883-2020.


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