Cape Ann Seafood in Nashua, NH – What’s Better Than That?

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New Englanders are spoiled when it comes to seafood. The cold ocean waters are home to a variety of bottom feeders that attract larger, more desirable species. In particular, white-fleshed fish. Although there is more than white, in New England, we love a range from haddock to scallops, cod to lobster. And, when it comes to the best seafood in Nashua, NH, Bentley’s has your cravings covered.

Because our team understands the importance of providing the highest-quality seafood to our consumers, we’re proud to offer seafood straight from the shores of Cape Ann.


The Cape Ann Seafood Exchange

Founded in 2002, the Cape Ann Seafood Exchange originated as a daily online auction. By supporting and facilitating the local fisherman to approved buyers worldwide, the exchange quickly earned a reputation for some of the highest quality, most desirable seafood. Currently, the exchange obtains daily catches from over 20 local boats and 15 offshore vessels along the Eastern seaboard – or nearly 200,000 pounds of harvest each day!

While there are a variety of species offered, the Cape Ann Seafood Exchange continues to support the sustainability of local fisheries and the MSC environmental standard. The standard uses guidelines and codes of conduct for responsible fisheries and other international conservation instruments for wild-capture.

Known for winter skate, monkfish, dogfish, whiting, redfish, and Atlantic hagfish, the exchange also provides a specialty section. This second section includes premium offerings like lobster, scallops, cod, and haddock.


Fresh versus Previously Frozen

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our previous article highlighting the debate on fresh versus previously frozen seafood. You’ll discover why freshly caught seafood is the better choice, scary USDA rules, and gain a better understanding of why Bentley’s Roast Beef has partnered with CASE.


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At Bentley’s Roast Beef, you’ll not only find the best roast beef in New Hampshire but also the freshest seafood! Straight from Cape Ann, our seafood is fresh, never frozen. Further, it is freshly breaded to order to ensure a superior dining experience!

Stop by and visit us at Bentley’s Roast Beef today to experience the best seafood in Nashua, NH!


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