New Hampshire Seafood: The Taste of Summer

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Many people eat seafood year-round, but there is a definite association between seafood and summer. If you only eat seafood in New Hampshire a few times a year, it’s likely that most of those instances are in the summertime. There are plenty of reasons for that—and some are unique to you—but there are few that really stand out. At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we’re happy to enjoy seafood all year, be we can’t deny that it’s essential summer food.


Here’s how New Hampshire seafood has secured its place as the taste of summer.


Summer is peak seafood season.

Although it is possible to source quality seafood at any time, many seafood varieties are at their peak during the summer. This is especially true of varieties that are local to New England, like shellfish. Most summer seafood favorites are shellfish, with lobster rolls and fried clams being high up on everybody’s list.


We like lighter food when it’s hot.

When the weather is hot, a heavy meal isn’t that appealing. We turn to seafood in summer because it’s always readily available and because it’s generally lighter food that we prefer to eat when it’s hot outside. Both the flavor and texture of seafood are lighter than other options, and we tend to serve it alongside similar food. Seafood has a delicate flavor, so we use lighter seasonings and sauces so that we don’t overpower it.


Seafood brings vacation vibes.

It’s summer, so we’re heading to the beach! And when you’re along the coast, you want to enjoy the food that goes along with it. Where are you going to get fresher seafood than in a place where you can literally see the ocean? Because so many of us have memories of going to the beach and enjoying seafood in the summer, it feels like vacation whenever we order it. Even if you’re nowhere near the beach, a plate of delicious seafood brings vacation vibes to an ordinary day.


Enjoy New Hampshire Seafood at Bentley’s!

At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we are proud to serve quality food that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for a roast beef sandwich or some delicious New Hampshire seafood, you’ll find it all on our menu!


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