The Best Seafood in Nashua NH

seafood nashua nh


Here in New England we can consider ourselves spoiled when it comes to seafood.  With some of the coldest ocean temperatures, our seafood is plump and flavorful.  Because of the superior taste, there is a demand for New England seafood across the country.  Coastal companies are appearing that provide fast shipping to bring the New England flavor all over the country.  However, local restaurants have the privilege of taking a short drive to purchase seafood straight from the docks.  Although many restaurants may not provide their customers with the freshest seafood available, at Bentleys Roast Beef, we use only the best ingredients.  Here are a few reasons you should consider stopping into Bentleys if you’re looking for seafood in Nashua, NH.


Fresh Ingredients

As many of us know, seafood is a highly perishable product.  If left out, even for a short amount of time, fish can turn bad, developing many harmful bacteria to the consumer.  If dining out and seafood are in your future, choosing a restaurant that purchases their seafood from a local source is your safest bet.  Often restaurants will make weekly trips, or schedule a drop-off, with local fisherman to get their ingredients right off the boat. Thus, restaurants are not only ensuring the finest ingredients but the most flavorful taste possible.


Cooked To Order

Another essential aspect to dining out and consuming seafood is being certain your restaurant cooks your meal to order.  Again, if seafood is left out for even a small amount of time, it will go bad.  By having your meal cooked to order, you’re ensuring the freshness of the meal.  In some instances, kitchens will prepare meals ahead of time in anticipation of high volume dining.  In this case, the seafood is cooked then reheated upon order.  Not exactly what you had in mind for your big night out.


Health Benefits

Beyond a delicious meal, seafood provides numerous health benefits to the consumer.  As one of the healthiest foods available, fresh fish is an excellent source of omega-3,  vitamins, and minerals.  Also, fish has been linked to many heart health contributors.  Research has shown that consuming at least one serving of fish per week can reduce your risk of heart attacks and stroke, two of the world’s biggest killers.


Next time you’re in the mood for seafood in Nashua, NH or surrounding areas, stop into Bentley’s Roast Beef.  Providing their customers with the freshest, locally sourced seafood, you’re sure to leave with cravings fully satisfied.  Visit Bentley’s online to view their full menu, or stop into the Amherst NH restaurant conveniently located on route 101A.


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