Why We Love Fried Seafood

seafood new hampshire

We associate fried seafood with summertime and trips to the beach, but there’s no reason not to enjoy them all year long! And because the summer is so short here in New Hampshire, there’s no reason to deprive yourself of fried seafood for the rest of the year! At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we’re proud to serve you the best seafood in New Hampshire, but why do we love it so much?


These are the reasons behind our love of fried seafood in New Hampshire—and everywhere.


Combination of Textures

You might not think of fried foods as complex, but they are! You have the initial crunch when you bite into the batter, which is both delicious and satisfying. We all know the disappointment of eating soggy fried food. The soft texture needs to be on the inside. This brings us to the complexity of fried food, the melt-in-your-mouth element. After you enjoy the outer crunch, whatever’s inside—clams, onions, chicken, potato—melts into your mouth.


Engage all the Senses

There are only a few foods that engage all the senses, and anything fried gets to claim that crown. The look of golden fried batter makes your mouth water before you can even smell it. Oh, but the smell! There’s nothing that compares to the aroma of fresh, hot fried food.

Taste, of course, naturally follows smell, but touch is also involved. If fried food is too oily, it gets all over your fingers. But when that balance is perfect, picking up that french fry or fried clam is almost as good as eating it. Almost.

Finally, there’s the sound. There’s something called the “music of mastication,” which is what you hear inside your head when you chew. Some foods, like potato chips, are very loud when you chew them, and others make essentially no sound at all. Fried food gives you just enough auditory stimulation to engage that part of your brain.


Unbeatable Flavor

Of course, what we love the most about fried food is its unbeatable flavor. There are plenty of alternatives to deep frying foods, but we all know they’re just not as good. You just can’t beat a pile of french fries or fried clams from your favorite New Hampshire seafood restaurant.


seafood new hampshire

Get the Best New Hampshire Seafood from Bentley’s

When you want the best fried seafood in New Hampshire, come to Bentley’s Roast Beef and Seafood! Stop by and visit us on NH-101A in Amherst, or give us a call at (603) 883-2020. You can even order online!

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