Greek Gyro or Traditional Subs in Nashua NH? That is the Question.

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When your family is craving subs in Nashua, NH, there are a lot of options to choose from. In fact, it seems like there’s a sub shop on nearly every corner.  So, how do you go about choosing where to dine? The excitement of trying someplace new is always fun, but the possibility of leaving less than satisfied often leads people to their go-to restaurant.  At Bentley’s Roast Beef, we’re proud to see the same familiar faces each week, and new faces that also become regulars!

There’s something to be said about having repeat customers.  Is it the service? Maybe it’s the food or the atmosphere? For us, it’s all of the above.  Beyond an exceptional experience, we also provide an exceptional variety when it comes to subs.  Known for the best roast beef in New Hampshire, we never compromise quality.  Our grass-fed beef comes fresh from the Mid-West.  High quality and decades of family recipes result in a pretty darn good sub here at Bentley’s.

However, we also understand that beef isn’t for everyone.  That’s why we provide our customers with a variety of options, from fresh haddock and tuna to Thanksgiving wraps and gyros.  Speaking of the gyro, we often are asked, what exactly is a gyro?


Understanding the Gyro

A traditional Greek gyro is a dish made from lamb, beef, or chicken. Cooked on a rotisserie, the meat is tender, juicy, and full of flavor. Typical meat seasonings include cumin, oregano, thyme, and rosemary. When the meat is cooked, we then thinly slice and place it in flatbread.  Topped with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and finished with Tzatziki, you’ll have yourself a mouth-watering experience that leaves you wanting more!

While there are several variations of the gyro, at Bentley’s, we stick to the traditional Greek style. A perfect meal for lunch or dinner that provides less bread and more “stuff!”



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Traditional Subs in Nashua NH

On the other hand, you have the traditional sub.  Crispy fresh Italian rolls stuffed to the brim with your choice of fillings and complemented by condiments of choice. As we mentioned, there are sub shops everywhere in Nashua, but you won’t find a better cheese steak than here at Bentley’s. Our extra lean roast roasted is grilled to perfection and overflowing with a generous portion of our famous roast beef.

If you’re not feeling the meat, no fret.  We also have the freshest seafood straight from Cape Ann.  Check out our fresh haddock sub. Or, for something even lighter, the Mediterranean sub is always a popular choice!


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If you’re looking for subs in Nashua, NH, be sure to stop by and visit us at Bentley’s Roast Beef. We could rave about our fresh, mouth-watering Bentley’s steak sub that has people returning for more, but we’ll let you discover it for yourself! Not up for such a heavy meal? Be sure to try the Greek style gyro pita.

Here at Bentley’s, you come a customer and leave family! Check out our menu online today!


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