Shrimp: New Hampshire’s Favorite Seafood


Here in New England, we must admit that we are pretty spoiled when it comes to seafood. New Hampshire residents have the luxury of ample choices at nearly every restaurant and food store they venture to. And, while we all have our favorites, did you know that shrimp accounts for almost half of the seafood eaten in the U.S. every year?

Low in calories and mercury content, shrimp is an excellent choice when dining on seafood! However, it is also important to note that shrimp is higher in cholesterol than most other fish. Further, consumers won’t receive the vast amounts of omega-3s than other fish offers. So, even if shrimp is your go-to, it is important to enjoy it in moderation. This article looks at a few more facts you may (or may not) know about this seafood lover favorite.



  • We weren’t joking about the amount of shrimp consumed in the United States. Nearly one billion pounds of shrimp are eaten every year by Americans alone!
  • Shrimp have their own designated day. With such massive amounts of consumption, how could we not designate a day to the shrimp? Every year, May 9th is National Shrimp Day! And for those scampi lovers, we got you there too. April 29th is National Shrimp Scampi Day!
  • A shrimp is not just a shrimp – No, in fact, there are over 2,000 documented species of shrimp.
  • Have you ever heard of a strong shrimp? Mantis shrimp may only be inches long, between 2 and 7 to be exact, and they strike with enough force to shatter a glass aquarium.
  • Shrimps live anywhere from one to sixty-five years.
  • A female shrimp lays between 1,500 and 14,000 eggs.
  • Larger shrimp are often referred to as prawns.
  • A prawn is related more to the lobster and crab than the shrimp.
  • Some shrimp communicate by snapping their pincers. However, some experts believe this technique is used to stun prey more than as a means of communication.
  • Shrimp live in nearly any aquatic environment – oceans, lakes, and rivers. They’re not picky as long as there is ample food around!
  • While the average shrimp is 6 inches long, the longest one ever found was recorded at 16 inches!
  • The commercial shrimp industry is worth approximately 50 billion dollars in a single year.
  • Shrimp farming became popular in the 1980s. With the first farmers located in China.
  • By 2007, shrimp farming produced more than the capture of wild shrimping.
  • Shrimp contain selenium, an antioxidant mineral proven to fight the growth of cancer-causing radicals in the body.
  • The shrimp population is considered threatened. Man continues to destroy their natural habitats through pollution, drilling, and oil spills.


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