‘Tis The Season. Lobster Season That Is.

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Here at Bentley’s Roast Beef, we love this time of year! Why? Well, because we not only get to provide our customers with the best roast beef but also the best lobster in Nashua, NH! Living in New England, we’re accustomed to some of the best shellfish in the country with our cool waters. However, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as an overstuffed, perfectly prepared lobster roll come the summer season.


FACT: There are two types of lobster roll. Mind blowing, we agree.


Yes, you read that correctly. There is not one but two distinct ways to prepare the lobster roll. With this in mind, the debate is out. So, which do you prefer, the Connecticut or Maine lobster roll? Not sure the difference? Read on!


It’s About the Temperature of the Sandwich

When comparing the two styles of lobster roll, one of the primary differences you will notice is how it is served. The Connecticut lobster roll is served hot, whereas the Maine style lobster roll is served cold. In New Hampshire, the norm is to serve the meal cold. Most can’t even imagine a warm lobster roll.

However there are arguments as to why one is better than the other.

Those who stand behind the Maine lobster roll argue that served cold, the lobster retains the natural salinity through quick steaming. Those who enjoy the Connecticut style argue that the warmed meat brings out the flavor.


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Butter or Mayonnaise?

Beyond the temperature difference of the two styles, when comparing the two side by side there are obvious differences in appearance. These differences come from the separate methods of preparation. With the Connecticut style lobster roll, you are served a warm helping of lobster tossed in buttery goodness. However, if opting for the Maine style, expect a cold helping of lobster gently tossed in mild spices and mayonnaise!

Which is better? It really comes down to personal preference! We happen to enjoy both!



Looking for lobster in Nashua, NH?

No matter which way you prefer, Bentley’s Roast Beef serves up the best lobster roll in Nashua. Using the freshest seafood from the shores of Cape Ann, our customers quickly forget preference as they enjoy our homemade creation!  If you’re not familiar with the benefits of the Cape Ann Seafood Exchange, be sure to check out our previous article!



This summer, forget about potentially disappointing options and stop into Bentley’s for the best lobster roll in the Nashua area!

Always fresh, never frozen, and always the best quality seafood in the area, we promise you’ll be happy you stopped by!


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